Requirements for the Catholic Weddings

Requirements for Marriages between Mexicans and Foreign Citizens

  • Updated baptismal certificate
  • Confirmation certificate
  • Settlement proceedings in the selected Parish
  • Two witnesses per person
  • Identification photo for both bride and groom
  • Attend the pre-wedding conferences
  • Original and copy of the birth certificate of the Mexican bride/groom.
  • Original and copy of the birth certificate of the foreign bride/groom notarized and translated by an authorized expert.
  • Original and copy of the official photo identification of the Mexican bride/groom which may be: voter card, military ID, passport or student ID.
  • Current passport of the foreign bride/groom.
  • License from the Immigration Office of the Department of State for the foreign bride/groom to marry a Mexican.
  • Prenuptial clinical analysis for both bride and groom: VDRL, HIV, Rh and a medical certificate of good health. Results are valid for 15 days.
  • Original and copy of the official identification form of two witnesses for each, bride and groom.
  • Legal copy of the foreign citizen's legal status (Tourist Visa, FM3, FM2).

If the couple does not reside in Playa del Carmen, they will have to make all the arrangements in the corresponding Church in their city, which will issue a letter certifying that the proceedings are in order and granting them permission to marry outside of the Parish.


In addition to being renowned as a sacred paradise with extraordinary natural attributes, Xcaret Park is also remarkable for its professionalism and the impressive participation of various weddings bands who take us back to our roots and entrenches the beauty of the Mexican nationality in our heart. We have various options, such as:
Religious music, Pre-Hispanic dance, Mariachi, Mariachi with 1 or 2 solo singers, Band, Northern music, Drummers, Pre-Hispanic music, Water bottle chimes, Percussionists, Marimba, Vernacular music quintet, Purépecha music, Live music quartet or quintet, International classic music, Harp, Classic guitar, Piano, Ballads, Singing group, Trovanova, Trios, Veracruzan music, Conch players, DJ.

Xcaret Park offers a great variety of locations to hold civil or religious ceremonies; these areas may go from those where only the couple is present to ceremonies with up to 190 guests. In addition to having everything you need to perform ceremonies of any religion, Xcaret is one of the preferred locations in the Mexican Caribbean offering an ecclesiastically legalized chapel for a Catholic ceremony: the St. Francis of Assisi Chapel. You may organize religious as well as civil ceremonies within the Xcaret Park facilities, with all the comforts and without having to relocate guests outside the park. There are also surprising changes in scenery and atmosphere among our selection of natural areas surrounded by sea, sand and jungle.

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